Chris Thompson

Brought up in Doncaster, in a little village called Arksey. Eldest of five; four brothers and one sister. We didn't have a television till I was 12 and so we all got into instruments; violin, piano, recorder, guitars and drums. Hours and hours were spend recording Beatles songs on a reel to reel tape recorder which we sometimes speeded up to make us sound like Pinky and Perky.

Mum and dad ran the youth club and I decided it was cooler to carry a guitar around rather than a violin. My dad was an engineer and my first guitar was an old f-hole Selmer which we stripped down and relacquered before fitting a pickup. I then bought a Hofner semi acoustic and joined a band with Scottish roots called The Picts. We played Stones covers and Chuck Berry songs. Our first gig was at Toll Bar youth club where we played the half dozen or so songs we had learned at least three times over and over again.

Went to University in Hull and concentrated on getting a degree in Chemistry and playing sport. Came home to find middle brother making a good living in the working men's clubs until the miners strike when wages became just a few beers and a pork pie. Eventually he ended up singing in a bar in Tenerife for a couple of years. Youngest brother trained as an actor and his first major role was playing Jerry Allison in Buddy Holly in the West End. He could drum and sing and then had a shock having to do the two together.

Occasionally on trips back over from Hull three of us played in a band called Disband, which was in fact what we actually did. Around this time I walked into a music shop in Donny to buy a plectrum and came out with a Gibson 'The Paul' solid walnut electric. Amazing what you could do with an Access card.

With two of us moving to Addingham three brothers eventually got together and formed the band with the stunningly original name The Thompsons. Luckily first brother down played the bass and for once the bass player was the best bass guitarist in the band. We were joined by Paul Rishworth on drums and amazingly he was also the best drummer in the band. Sometimes we had two drummers when brother from the West End joined us.

Used to go to the Swan acoustic night, getting into more acoustic guitar style and hooking up with Ian Taylor.

I now play in Chill Pill where I play electric style lead on my acoustic guitar. Highlight of 2018 was playing at the Grassington Festival on a day that finished with The Fratellis playing in the big marquee.

But it is lovely to return to my first love, the electric guitar, and join up with Valkyrie. Onwards and upwards!

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