Clive SteeleClive Steele

Born on the 15th July 1946 in Chesterfield (that’s why the spire’s crooked) and then went to loads of schools in Ilkley.  Whilst in the sixth form at Ilkley Grammar, met Stan Dobson, Peter Dickinson, Tony Idle and Brian Bailey. In Stan’s dads garage we decided to form a pop group and drew straws as to what instruments we would play. I got the bass straw, the legality of the deal is still suspicious.

Many hours of garage and bedroom practices later the Tarantulas crawled out into public. We acquired a drummer called Andrew Horton, he was very tall and more unusually came from Burley. The first gig was at the Bluebird Café on the Grove; this was followed by many more in local youth clubs, scout huts and various venues. Does anyone remember the Blue Jeans Club?

In 1966 (I think) we won the National Beat Contest, knocking out many bands on the way, including the Grumbleweeds. A single followed, remember “Gloria”? Has anyone still got a copy?




By 1965 we managed to gain the help of a certain Mr Shearer, who got us onto the university circuit and also established us at such venues as the now deceased Stoney Lea and the Troutbeck Hotels. Other local bands were Reverend Black and the Rocking Vicars (yes really) and our friends and rivals the Senators.
Something happened, cannot remember what, but we evolved into The Moldy Warp. Geoff Chew from the Senators, Stan, Brian and me and two new members, George Speller who played various instruments but the one I remember best was the beer pipe and a new drummer. Moldy WarpSorry I can’t remember his name but his photo is included, perhaps he can contact me so I can update the site. Lots of ace gigs followed and we played with many famous names including Jimi Hendrix, The Walker Bros, Brian Ferry et al and we even played at the famous Cavern in Liverpool. Heady times, I even remember being chased around Liverpool by some frantic girls because they thought Stan was Manfred Mann. If I were chased now I couldn’t and wouldn’t run. Moldy Warp photo: Left to right– Brian Bailey/Stan Dobson/George Speller/Mick/Geoff Chew/Clivo

Times and dates are rather vague because of time, beer and chemicals but I eventually left the band. I think a roady, Vince jumped in latterly and they sailed on for a while. Even did a revival a few years ago. I heard them and they sounded great, but older and uglier than ever, aren’t we all!

Several years later whist sitting drunk in the Hill Inn with a couple of friends Andrew Alister and Richard Vanhinsberg, we decided to try our musical luck again. Once bitten, music never leaves. Joined at various times by John Bousfield and Duggie Walker and another drummer whom I forget, Emilio Zapata was born We played university gigs for a couple of years and had a great time I think. I cannot remember much but Andrew’s telecaster riffs and Vanny’s awesome voice will always linger. Need a picture of Zapata, has anyone got one?

Then musical void for many years, sold my loving fender Jazz for three pound fifty and eventually my Hofner violin bass to a German mate.

The late seventies, eighties and nineties were oblivion of work sport and other social activities.

Clive SteeleClive Steele

Then a new arrival at work, John Jenner, a guitarist from a band called Bullfrog Jones, seemed to start an itch. Well he is rather rash at times. We seemed to have many things in common, especially music.  One night I did a song at a charity gig and later I stood in for their bass player at a couple of gigs. The itch needed scratching! Enter Switch card!

John, Etch and I started an acoustic trio.  I saw Etch with a local band, the “Barflies” and then came Dave and Paul.  You really do not want to know how Dave and I know each other. 

Paul still plays the occasional gig with our friends the “Thompsons” who helped to form his musical know how.  Snake oil played on and played gigs for over a year and had some great times together. 

However snakes evolve and Paul, Dave and myself went down the blues line and formed a three-piece….SNAKE KINGS.

Then came Tim Shackleton...lead we are 4. Johnny(guitar) Hardcastle replaced Tim....things moved on...we separated from Dave, had a few months off and came back as VALKYRIE..real rock........ some old friends appeared....John Bousfield (guitar) John Nixon (Singer/acoustic guitar) Rob Czik (guitar) and still Paul and me. Gigs are now more selective but come and see us and dance on any bar!

All dates and facts are subject to time, age and alcohol.  Please contact me to add to information or just chat and talk about music.

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