Paul Rishworth

Paul RishworthBorn on 15th September 1978 at 91 Main Street Addingham, 6 weeks early, I was introduced to percussion at an early age making the most of the pots and pans in the kitchen. I had a particular preference for the biscuit tin.

After a brief flirtation with the recorder it was the guitar that became the focus of my attention. My godfather had bought me a four-string ‘classical’ (toy) guitar back from Spain, and just before my 7th birthday, I had my first of what would be 10 years of classical guitar lessons (glad I didn’t have to pay for them). This culminated in me gaining grade 8 in 1996.

By the age of ten, cricket and football had become high on the list of priorities and so started the constant struggle of balancing musical and sporting commitments.

By the age of 12, I had begun learning the snare drum at school and two years later, just as we were beginning to learn ‘kit’, our teacher left and we never really got a replacement. I few months later I had bought my first kit, an old black, battered Pearl Export and I began to use some of the stuff I’d learnt at school and some drum books to try to progress.

This carried on until one November when there was a knock at the door and before I knew it, I was down at the village hall having been talked into replacing the pantomime drummer who had quit in fine rock ‘n’ roll style, never to be seen again. I carried on doing this for another 7 years along with one or two amateur dramatic and operatic performances.

My first live performance in a ‘proper’ band came when I played with the famous Thompson brothers at the Addingham Cricket Club Cabaret. I have played with them ever since, performing at such venues as The Swan, The Fleece and even Crabbie’s Barn to name but a few.

In 1996, while studying A levels, I joined a band called Blueprint which was made up of fellow students, and we played a few local gigs covering various bands ranging from the Beatles and Oasis to Menswear (who?!) The band had been formed a year or so earlier and has had various names and members since its inception. I know that at least two of the guys are still gigging somewhere.

Paul RishworthIn 2000, I joined a new local band which, after much deliberation, was named The Barflies and we spent a short time doing gigs around Wharfedale. Again we were a covers band and played songs ranging from ‘Why does it always rain on me?’ by Travis to ‘Loveshack’ by the B-52s (How many bands do you know who play that?!).

By spring 2003 after sporadic gigs with the Thompsons I had rejoined Etch, previously of Barflies fame, in Snakeoil for a ‘couple of big gigs’ as Clive put it. He fancied the idea of a regular drummer and after enjoying my first two gigs, I was invited to play on a regular basis. This eventually inspired me to trade in my second hand Yamaha Stage Custom kit and invest in a Tama Rockstar Custom, in vintage fade.

By early 2004 Snake Oil had become The Snake Kings with the focus becoming blues music. Much of the stuff we play now is new to me and it is enjoyable playing a different style of music. With regular gigs booked around local venues, we have plenty of chance to try more new songs and develop what is becoming a very adaptable set.


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